mean pick up lines

65 Mean Pick Up Lines

You might have a good reason to come up with a mean pick up line. Or maybe you’re just looking for creative ways to get a drink thrown in your …

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smooth pick up lines

75 Smooth Pick Up Lines

Looking for a few smooth pick up lines? In today’s world, it isn’t that easy to impress someone anymore. You’ll have to be a bit creative and come up with …

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star wars pick up lines

50 Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Trying to impress your crush with some Star Wars pick up lines? You’d be surprised how well they work – you don’t trust us? Well, just like Darth Vader would …

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christian pick up lines

80 Christian Pick Up Lines

A collection of 80 funny Christian pick up lines that will make her/him laugh. Have fun! 700 Wives Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives… Because he never met …

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math pick up lines

60 Math Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for some math pick up lines? Let’s admit it: unfortunately, it’s not always easy to impress someone. That’s exactly the reason we created this list of the …

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chemistry pick up lines

40 Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Looking for some chemistry pick up lines? Well, this is exactly why we’ve created this list of 40 pick up lines about chemistry. Arm yourself with a few and create …

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funny pick up lines

100 Funny Pick Up Lines

We all want to use funny pick up lines that work like a charm, right? Marilyn Monroe famously said that “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make …

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dirty pick up lines

100 Dirty Pick Up Lines

Looking for some dirty pick up lines? Compared to a safe cheesy pick up line, you expose yourself to risk by using a weird and creepy line. Some might find …

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