dentist pick up lines

18 Dentist Pick Up Lines

We’re not going to tell you how to prepare your teeth for a dentist appointment. All you have to remember is you have to floss like a boss! But, whether …

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accountant pick up lines

25 Accounting Pick Up Lines

Here are a few lines that you can use on a cute accountant (professional or student) or, why not, the other way around. Very often, the best thing about tax day …

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baseball pick up lines

20 Baseball Pick Up Lines

When it comes to baseball – no glove, no love! These are both, funny baseball players pick up lines to impress the girls or lines for a girl to use …

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swimming pick up lines

30 Swimming Pick Up Lines

Love is in the air – and on the water! If you regularly go to the swimming pool, you’re a professional swimmer or you’ve simply fallen for a swimmer, these …

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science pick up lines

33 Science Pick Up Lines

If you think scientists don’t have game, you couldn’t be more wrong! The science pick up linesĀ are kind of nerdy but amusing and effective nevertheless. Therefore, we compiled a list …

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pizza pick up lines

30 Pizza Pick Up Lines

Nothing compares to a hot and spicy pizza romance, right? With that in mind, here’s a list of the best pizza pick up lines for guys and girls to use …

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soccer pick up lines

30 Soccer Pick Up Lines

Are you watching a game and you spotted someone you like? Are you a soccer player trying to impress one of the girls? Or you might be a girl trying …

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financial pick up lines for economists and bankers

25 Financial Pick Up Lines

Looking for some financial pick up lines? Whatever industry you’re in, over the years you’re definitely going to meet and interact with people from the financial sector. Therefore, it’s always …

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