Angel and Heaven Pick Up Lines

Angel pick-up lines aren’t necessarily cute-flirty. Some of them are really funny, while others are based on puns. For instance, if you meet a girl named Angela, you know what you have to do.

But, if you want to tell someone that they’re otherworldly beautiful, smart, or just what you’re looking for, below are 30+ angel pick-up lines that will answer your prayers!

Angel and Heaven Pick Up Lines

Nice shirt! Where was it made? *Wait for the reply* Huh, I thought I saw a tag that said: “made in heaven.”

Am I dead? I think I’m seeing angels.

Let’s watch Good Omens together. It will be fun. An angel like you, a devil like me hanging out – just like in the series.

Am I dead? Are you an angel? I feel like I’m in heaven.

Are you a care package? Because you must have fallen from heaven.

Can I copy-paste your picture? I want to prove my friends that angels are real.

Hey, are you lost? I heard today that God is missing one of his angels.

Hey, I thought Revelation stopped with the Apostles. That’s weird because I think I’m getting a glimpse of heaven.

I don’t believe in God, but if I would, you’d be the answer to all my prayers.

You look like an angel, cheesy heaven pick-up line, blah blah blah, slightly weird joke, let’s hook up?

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Why did you fall from heaven? Was it because I was praying so hard?

What would your dream job be? *Wait for reply* Me, I’d be an astronomer studying heavenly bodies. Too much?

I know this is really weird, but mind taking off your shirt? I want to see where you angels hide your wings.

Damn girl, do people ask you for autographs all the time? “Wait for her to ask you why* Because you’re that girl who inspired the saying “Heaven’s missing an angel.”

Hi Angel. Will you take me to heaven?

So, do you like spending your Christmas on the tree? *Wait for them to ask why* Because that’s where angel ornaments are placed.

I thought that all the heaven-hell thing was bs, but know that I saw you, I’m not so sure anymore.

So, what’s a pretty angel like you doing on an Earth like this?

So, what’s it like up there? Where? Heaven, of course. That’s where you’re from, right?

Quick, what am I thinking? *Wait for the reply* Huh, I’m kinda disappointed here. I thought angels knew this stuff.

Did you see my grandma before you left heaven?

Why are you here? Day off in heaven?

I hope Angels know CPR because you take my breath away.

Quick, say something! I want to know how angels talk.

I think I can die happy now that I know what heaven looks like.

Is that a stairway to heaven in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

When I first saw your picture, I thought: beautiful angel? Sexy devil? But when I look into your eyes, I’m sure. I can clearly see heaven.

So, when’s your curfew back to heaven?

So, when people talk about you behind your back, and they see you approach, do they still say “speak of the devil,” or do they say “speak of the angel”?

Did you drink Red Bull today, or are you a true angel?

Hey, you have something on your head! What? A halo!

If you touch me, I’ll tell everyone I’ve been touched by an angel!

Turn around. Do you have something on your back? What? Angel wings!

Do you want to hear a cheesy heaven pick-up line? Or did the other angels tell you before me?

Hi, what’s your favorite color? Green. Sorry, I don’t speak angel.

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