50+ Dinosaur Pick Up Lines


Dinosaur pick up lines really work. You have to be smart to get them, and they can bring two dinosaur-lovers closer together *wink wink* 

And if your crush is a fan of dinosaur movies, we’ve included some top Jurassic Park pick up lines as well!

Dinosaur Pick Up Lines

  • Are you a rare dinosaur fossil? Because I’m an impatient paleontologist, and I wanna date you badly.
  • I just ran from a genetically modified hybrid mutant dinosaur and, in the process, fell for you.
  • Did you see my mighty dinosaur beak or should I fly by here again? 
  • Hey girl, are you a complete t-rex skeleton? Because I’d love to mount you in the Louvre.”
  • Every time you go, I have vestigial feelings for you.
  • Much like the Flintstones, I’m the best at making your Bedrock!
  • Do you know what I have in common with a pterodactyl? Aaahhhh….. my p is also silent. (Proudly show off wet pants)
  • Do you work at a dinosaur theme park? Because you look like you could handle something wild.
  • Let’s hibermate together!
  • Hey is that a nest on your chest? You have two T-Rex eggs on you!
  • Can you name one similarity between me and a Triceratops? Yes, we’re both horny.
  • I’m gonna tear you with my dactyl…
  • You can’t spell tyrannosaurus without US.
  • I’m a T-rex. I have short arms and a big D…..aaaammit, is that an asteroid?
  • How about I take you to my bedroom and T-REX you tonight.
  • Would you let a dinosaur kiss you? Because I’m the last surviving member of these species.
  • I’m an omnivore. That’s right baby, I eat everything.
  • Do you want to pretend we’re both tyrannosaurus rex? Let’s keep each other at arm’s length!
  • Can you take care of this for me? My arms are too short.
  • I have a diplocockus in my pocket, want to see it?
  • Hey Chris Pratt! Let’s make that button-down henley extinct.
  • My place or roars?
  • Hey there, pretty DD-rachiosaurus.
  • That’s the nicest tricerabottoms I’ve ever seen!
  • I can plesiosaur you like no one ever had.
  • Do you want to ride a raptor? You’re in luck, you found one! Me!
  • Come to my place? Stegosaurus in bed till the morning?
  • Do you want to date me? If they say yes, answer: Good, cause otherwise I’d have been a tyrannosaurus wreck. If they say no, reply: Oh, now I’m a tyrannosaurus wreck.
  • Let’s play “find the dinosaur” with each other’s bodies!
  • We both like dinosaurs, right? So what else is there? My place tonight?
  • Did you know they just discovered the last remaining megalodon? Yeah, it’s called mega-long-dong and it’s in my pants.
  • Much like a T-rex, my arms are tiny. But also much like a T-rex, we make up for that with another body part *wink*
  • Hey gymosaur rex! I love your triceps-ratops!
  • I like you so much, I would catch a T-rex for you.
  • Just because you’re a herbivore, that doesn’t mean you can’t try tyrannosaurus sex.
  • I’m an Apatosaurus. You know what they say about a dinosaur with a long neck… 
  • They call me the T-Rex because much like my arms, my dick is extremely small.
  • You and I, you and I, we’re like meteors in the sky.
  • StegosaurME plus StegosaurYou equals StegosaurUS.
  • Did you know I’m a dinosaur? Yeah, I’m the elusive D-rachiosaurus.
  • Baby, has anyone ever told you you’re dino-mite?
  • Much like a brontosaurus, my neck is long and so is my tail. At least, I think it’s my tail. It’s down there, anyway. 
  • When I’m with you, my heart soars like a Pterodactyl.
  • Can’t write Jurassic without “ass”!
  • If you were a girl-dinosaur, and I was a boy-dinosaur, we would repopulate all Earth with dinosaurs and destroy all humanity!
  • Are you a dinosaur? Because I could’ve bet you’re from the Curvaceous period.
  • You make my heart saur.
  • I’ll make your loneliness go extinct.
  • If you were a dinosaur, you would be a FINOSAURUS!
  • Let me show you why they call me ‘Pleasure-you-asaurus.
  • I’m hung like an Apatosaurus.
  • “Roar” means “I love you” in dino.
  • What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dinosnore! Hahaha. Will you date me, please?
  • You make me feel like we’re in the Flirtaceous period.
  • Q: What do you call an unmatched dinosaur? A: Doyouthinkshesaurthis.

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