55+ Music Pick Up Lines


Are you a musician who needs a good pick-up line or maybe someone who’s looking to pick-up a musician?

You’ve come to the right place. We have pick-up lines for all categories: for people who are in a band or a choir, or for people who simply love music.

Band Pick-Up Lines for drummers, clarinet, trumpet, violin, flute and guitar players

  • Like a good banging? Because I’m the best drummer around.
  • Hey, so I play drums for a living if you want a good pound.
  • I’m a drummer, and I can teach you. I could even let you borrow my stick.
  • I play drums; I have amazing stick control.
  • Save a drum, bang a drummer!
  • Are you a drummer? Because I’m getting good vibes.
  • Honey, are you a drummer? Because you can make my heart skip a beat.
  • Is that your drumstick, or are you just happy to see me?
  • Are you a reed? Because I’m a clarinet and I can’t work without you latched onto me.
  • I’ll let you play my clarinet if you promise not to chip the wood.
  • Do you play the trumpet? You’re making me all horny.
  • Do you play the guitar? Because you can touch strings of my heart.
  • Don’t your feet hurt after marching through my head all day?
  • I C Major chances of us two becoming an item.
  • Do you believe in love at first set, or should we run it another time?
  • What do you think of pre-marital sax?
  • Are you a composer too? Cause, baby, we could make beautiful music on my sheets.
  • I’m a musician, but let me tell you this. Blowing, fingering, and tonguing isn’t just for instruments.
  • Want some cheap trills? Cause I play the flute.
  • I can give you better hickeys than your chin rest.
  • My guitar teacher says I’m really good, particularly on the G-string.
  • I’m a violinist. I’m a pro in 15 different positions.
  • I want to B with you if that’s no treble.
  • Everyone knows that flute-playing increases finger dexterity.
  • I bet that flute isn’t the only thing you know how to blow.

    Pick-up Lines For Classical Musicians And Music Lovers

    • Want to go out with the third degree of the diatonic scale? Mi?
    • We’re supposed to be together like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It’s Fate.
    • Are you a fermata? Because I want to hold you.
    • Is your year of birth 1789? Because I see a real classical beauty.
    • You’re a ternary, right? Because your form is lovely.
    • You’re so smart and funny that you make me feel as broken as an arpeggiated chord.
    • If you were minimalist music, I would love to see you again and again.
    • I think you’re marked Prestissimo because you’re dashing.
    • Is that an anacrusis? Because you’re about to hear a pick-up.
    • My bowing arm is pretty sore. You continue to make me tremolo!
    • Hey, can you hear that fugue? I think we’re going to get entangled.
    • I think you’re my perfect counterpoint.
    • I think we both have a good pitch, seeing as we’re so in tune.
    • Do you like AC/DC? Because I could shake you all night long.
    • Are you a musician? Because you make my heart go staccato.
    • Every time I think about you, my heart’s tempo shifts from adagio to allegro.
    • I want to duet with you.
    • If I go accelerando, will you do crescendo to a forte?
    • You don’t need a fortissimo sign to make me scream.
    • Do you want to go out? I can put it down on my to-do Liszt.
    • Hey, beautiful. Where have you been Haydn? 

Choir Pick-up Lines

  • Are you my voice? Because I don’t want to lose you.
  • Are you the stage door? Because I could wait forever by your side.
  • Are you from the light crew? Because I’m a spotlight, and you can really turn me on.
  • Are you that note I messed up? Because I can’t stop thinking about you.
  • Are you the opening night? Because you make me nervous.
  • Are you late rehearsals? Because you’re making me sleep-deprived.
  • You’re like the perfect audition piece: rare, beautiful, and extremely worth it.
  • Are you on my sheets? I don’t feel complete without you.
  • Are you a mic that’s been left on for too long? Because you’re hot.
  • Are you my lines? Because I could never forget you. 

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