40 Pick Up Lines for Girls

Why should women wait for a guy to make the first move?

We sometimes like to think that women overcomplicate courtship.

That’s exactly why we have to salute you, girls with attitude!

Here are a few pick up lines for girls to use on guys, both clean and dirty. It’s time to prove him that you’re not like anything he met before!

Dirty Pick Up Lines for Girls

We’ll get straight to the point and start with a couple of dirty pick up lines for a naughty girl.

I have an opening you can fill.

My body has 206 bones, want to give me another one?

I don’t feel so good. I think I need a shot of penis-illin.

I can suck the chrome of a trailer hitch.

Are you a candle? Because I’m going to blow you.

Are you a trampoline? Cause I wanna bounce on you.

I’m not wearing any socks and I have the panties to match.

I know why they call it beaver, because I’m dying for some wood.

Wanna play carpenter? You bring the wood and I’ll let you nail me.

I’m not extra virgin olive oil, I’m the slutty olive oil!

I’m trying to quit smoking, wanna give me a new oral fixation?

I don’t fancy wines, I prefer moans.

Are you on the drumline? Because I want to play with your stick.

I love you with all my butt, I would say heart, but my butt is bigger.

Are you a burger? Cause you can be the meat between my buns.

I must be butter. Cause you can spread me anytime.

Are you as sweet as candy? Cause I want to lick you like a lollypop.

Do you train cats?  Because you just made my pussy cum.

What kind of Uber are you – long or short rides?

No ring? You should be someone’s husband so you can cheat on her with me.

There are no seats left, can I sit on your face?

Is it wet in here, or is it just my vagina?

I’m a spy on a secret mission. Come in me, if you want to live.

My body is a movie and your penis is the star!

How do you like your sausage in the morning… well-cooked or blown?

Clean Pick Up Lines for Girls to Use on Guys

And, at last, a few clean pick up lines for a girl to use on her crush. However, when it comes to pick up lines, clean is never clean enough!

You’re the type of boy I’d make a sandwich for in the morning.

Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.

Do you have a permit for those guns?

If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?

You should stop drinking! (Why?) Because you are driving me home.

I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me.

Boy, is your name homework? Because I’m not doing you and I should be.

You can call me the Garbagewoman, cause I wanna handle your junk.

Is your name Lionel? Cause you made my panties Messi.

What’s a nice guy like you doing with a body like that?

Boy, are you the tiger from the Frosted Flakes box? Because you’re looking Greeeeeat!

Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.

I know you think I’m sexy, I know you think I’m fine, but just like all the other guys – get a number and wait in line.

That suit is very becoming on you. Then again, I would be too!

I lost my teddy bear. Can I snuggle with you tonight instead?

What other pick up lines can you think of?

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