30 Pizza Pick Up Lines

Nothing compares to a hot and spicy pizza romance, right?

With that in mind, here’s a list of the best pizza pick up lines for guys and girls to use for a delicious experience:

Pizza Pick Up Lines

You’re the only topping I need on my pizza.

Are you a personal pizza? Because you were made just for me.

Babe, are you a pizza? Because every slice of you is perfect.

Girl, you’ve stolen a pizza my heart.

If you’d be a slice of pizza, you’d be supreme.

Did you have dinner? Because I wanna give you a pizza this.

I’m in the mood for a pizza… a pizza you.

You’re the pizza I don’t want to share.

I don’t want a pizza you, I want the whole pie.

You’re the type of person I’d order a pizza for.

Guess what? Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat… in bed.

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Babe, you’re just like a pizza. Even when you’re bad, you’re good.

Damn girl, I want a pizza that butt.

I might fall to pizzas if I don’t get your name and number.

If you don’t come in 30 minutes or less, I’m free.

Babe, can I interest you in a stuffed crust?

You’re just like a pizza box, ’cause I can’t wait to take your top off.

Boy, are you a pizza? Because I can’t wait to have you inside of me.

You’ll be the pizza and I’ll be the sauce, ’cause I wanna be all over you.

Babe, are you a pizza? Because I feel hungry just looking at you…

Wanna know what me and Little Caesar’s Pizza have in common? We’re both hot and ready.

I’ll be the pizza you can have at once or save it for several days.

Girl, you’re hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth.

Wanna hear a joke about pizza? Nevermind, it’s too cheesy.

I have pizza. (smooth, huh?)

Are you a pizza delivery guy? Because boy, you sure can deliver.

I’m available with or without the sausage.

You’ll be the pizza and I’ll be the cheese. That way, I can melt all over you.

Hey, wanna go out? I’m very peperlonely.

Girl, are you a pizza? Because I have this huge crust on you.

What other good pick up lines about pizza do you know?

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