40+ Flower Pick Up Lines


There’s nothing sweeter than a flower pick-up line. But did you they can also be funny, romantic, and sexy? There’s something for everyone here. Yes, we’re looking at you, pun-lovers. 

From roses to lilies, eucalyptus and sunflower pick-up lines, we have you covered. Read the lines below, and you will impress your sweetheart once and floral. 

Pick-Up Lines involving Flowers

Did you know I’m a flower? Because I just need somebudy like you.

Want to hear a flower joke? Why did the flower take back her cheating ex? She rose above it.

If you and I were flowers, we’d have a budding romance.

If I was a flower, did you know what I would write on your Valentine card? Aloe you vera much.

You’re as sweet as a flower, and not a daisy goes by when I don’t think of you.

What should I say if I’d want a kiss from a flower like you? *Wait for reply* Plant one on me.

Do you want to hear a cheesy flower pick-up line? Let’s put our tulips together.

If you were a flower, I would pick you.

If I’d give you eleven roses, what would you see in the mirror? A dozen roses.

If we’d share a garden, we’d put our tulips together.

If a flower grew every time you’d cross my mind, I’d have a field of flowers.

Are you a eucalyptus? Because you’ve achieved my koalafications.

Hand on my heart, I really lilac you. 

Are you a flower? Because I fell in love with you once and floral.

Roses are red. Violets are fun. The minute Tinder matched us up; I knew you were the one.

If you were a flower, you’d be a dammmnnndelion.

Sunflowers or lilies for our first date?

Your eyes shine even more than a field of sunflowers.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. My heart started to quiver when I first saw you.

You smell as sweet as lavender.

Do you want to hear a bad flower pick-up line? I would hate seeing you go, but I love seeing your leaves. Get it? Because you’re a flower.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. In all of the world, there’s no one prettier than you.

Roses are red. Water is transparent. Without you in it, my life is transparent. I found no rhyme. Good enough?

Is your middle name Lily? Because you have deep roots in my heart.

A flower can’t bloom without sunlight, and that’s exactly how I feel without you.

Are you a flower? Because I really dig you.

Hey, I just a post about a missing flower. Should I call them and tell you you’re ok?

I’ll bring you roses to our first date so that they can see how beautiful you are.

You’re as pretty as a flower. And I’m a guy who takes his grooming seriously.

You have an amazing smile! Probably because of your tulips.

I like you very mulch. I think about you every daisy.

The earth laughs in flowers, so it must have been extremely happy the day you were born.

Help, I’m trapped in your rose bush and I’m feeling all thorny. 

Roses are red. Tomatoes are red too, everything is red, like my love for you.

Roses are red, violets are fine, I can be your six if you’ll be my nine.

You’re as beautiful as a flower, but I think I rose to the challenge.

Like a bouquet tied with twine, I can be yours if you will be mine.

Are you a leaf blower? Because you blow my mind.

Are you a flower? Because I’m a mother plucker in bed.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Both are gorgeous, but I like you.

Roses are red. Sunflowers are yellow. I’m good in bed, will you be my bedfellow?

I like you a lily bit more every day.

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