hockey pick up lines

35+ Hockey Pick Up Lines

Hockey is a rough sport, but so is dating. And much like hockey, dating also needs a strong start. That’s what the hockey pick up lines below can do for …

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history pick up lines

30+ History Pick Up Lines

  History isn’t just shaping your past; it can also shape your future. Especially if you use the history pick up lines below. All of them are smart and funny, …

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halloween pick up lines

30+ Halloween Pick Up Lines

  Halloween is a special holiday. The mix of fear and excitement creates the perfect atmosphere for romantic proposals. But corny Halloween pick up lines aren’t just for Halloween. You …

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gym pick up lines

35+ Gym Pick Up Lines

The worst part about gym rats is that people assume you have a great romantic life. After all, if you can lift those weights and rock that body, you must …

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good morning pick up lines to text

25+ Good Morning Pick Up Lines

Mornings are perfect for impressing that special someone who is always on your mind. Whether you’re texting each other or just stealing glancing at the subway during your commute, these …

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golf pick up lines

30+ Golf Pick Up Lines

Golf is a treasure trove for smart, cheesy, or sexy lines. With all those balls, shafts, holes, putts, and strokes, you don’t have to be a golfer to try the …

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engineer pick up lines

25+ Engineering Pick Up Lines

  Who said that engineering pick up lines are for geeks? Everyone who loves math, civil or electrical engineering doesn’t have to be a geek. Unless, of course, you’re a …

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food pick up lines

17+ Food Pick Up Lines

  These food pick up lines work well for foodies as well as people who’re not passionate about their food. Everybody knows at least something about food, right? So you …

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knock knock pick up lines

25+ Knock Knock Pick Up Lines

Let’s face it, some people think pick up lines are too cheesy or weird, and don’t usually fall for them. But most people love knock-knock jokes. So if you’ve fallen …

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vending machine pick up lines

11 Vending Machine Pick Up Lines

Vending machine pick up lines are like secret weapons you can use to impress anyone. Why? Because vending machines is where you get sweet stuff, where you insert your stuff, …

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