11 Vending Machine Pick Up Lines

Vending machine pick up lines are like secret weapons you can use to impress anyone. Why? Because vending machines is where you get sweet stuff, where you insert your stuff, and… well, you see where this is going. We also have some innocent and upfront pick up lines too, so scroll down to read them below!

If you’re not sure which line to use, read the description. That way, you can figure out if you can pull off the line, and if the person you’ll be trying it on will respond well to it.

You: B46

Them: Excuse me?

You: I’m sorry, I thought you were a vending machine because your lips look like candies!

Granted, this is an old pick-up line with lots of reviews and feedback from people who’ve tried it. For instance, someone posted a series of texts with a funny reply after the first “A13” line. The reply was a sinking ship because the other person thought A13 meant they were playing the “sink the ship” game.

You: Hey, do you want the vending machine experience?

Them: What’s that?

You: I put my change in you, and you give me some cookies.

This line is straightforward too and you might actually get some goodies! Unfortunately, it’s not a joke/line that straight cis-women can use.

You: Oh my god, are you hurt?

Them: No, I’m fine, why?

That’s a funny adaptation to the cheesy “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” pick-up line. This one is sweet and cheesy too, though.

You: Are you a vending machine?

Them: No, why would you say that?

You: Because I see you have all the snacks I need right here!

This line is half cheesy, half sexy. All people like to be complimented by how well they look and it’s good to show you’re attracted to them without being too forward.

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You must be a vending machine because I have all the D-imes you need.

Speaking of being too forward, this line helps you accomplish two things: either you know from the start whether your crush is interested in having sex with you, either you’re not wasting any time with sweet talk.

You: Quick, name one thing you and a vending machine have in common.

Them: I don’t know. What?

You: If you were a vending machine, and I’d ask you out and you’d say no, I would be soda pressed.

It’s always good to show some wits and make the person you’re interested in laugh. That way, it’s more likely they’ll want to keep talking to you and to actually date you.

Are you a vending machine? Because I call my little friend Bill. And you know what vending machines say: “insert bill here.”

This line combines dad humor with an indirect sexual proposal. If they don’t mind being mistaken for a vending machine, they might actually let you insert your bill in their bill acceptor.

You: Are you a vending machine? Because I need some soda. And you look soda-licious.

This pick-up line is cheesy and sweet. It works because compliments to someone’s looks showsthem you’re attracted to them. However, it might not work if you’re giving off the impression that all you’re looking for is a one-night stand and the person you’re talking to is looking for more than that.

You: Has anyone ever told you you’re just like a vending machine?

Them: No, why?

You: Look, you have a goods tray, an awesome display, a keypad I’d love nothing more than to touch all day, a coin insert plus lots of snacks I want to eat!

This line shows them you’re funny, geeky in a sweet way, and that you’re attracted to them. And that you know a lot about vending machines! Joke aside, it’s better to use this line in a text rather than face to face, especially if you’re in a crowded, noisy place.

You: Can you tell one difference between me and a vending machine?

Them: No. What’s that?

You: The vending machine has a pick-up box with a drop sensor. I have a pick-up line box with no sensor for awkwardness.

Use this pick-up line on someone who’s attracted to half weird, half-brave socially-awkward people who don’t have a knack for using pick-up lines.

You: What’s the difference between you and a vending machine?

Them: I don’t know. What?

You: A vending machine is a machine and you’re a human being. I only date human beings.

You can use this line on someone who wouldn’t be impressed by cheesy or forward or any other type of pick-up lines. This is more like a dry joke that tells someone you want to date them, plusgets the conversation going. In fact, it can lead to some awesome topics, including feminism or artificial intelligence, but those are all up to you to talk about on your first date!

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