35+ Gym Pick Up Lines

The worst part about gym rats is that people assume you have a great romantic life. After all, if you can lift those weights and rock that body, you must find it really easy to pick someone up. But going to the gym doesn’t mean you’re automatically an expert pick-up artist. That’s why we came up with 35 of the best gym pick up lines you can use at the gym. Some are funny, some are straightforwardly indecent, while others are as easy as “Hey, do you like running on the treadmill?”

Find your perfect line, and jump right in!

Funny Gym Pick Up Lines

Did you know I’m a boxer? I’m an expert at giving blows to the head!

How high can you jump? You’ve already jumped into my heart.

Do you like HIIT? Stop jumping around in my head, it really hurts.

Huh, it’s great that we’re both into fitness. That way, you can be sure we’d make a good fit.

Stop working your inner thighs. I’m afraid you’re going to crush me with them.

I’m having some problems with my chest presses. Can you spot me?

Hey, did you know that you need to be careful with your vitamins when you’re working out? I heard about one, in particular, that was essential for your health. I think it’s vitamin ME!

Did you know that line with love at first sight? I think it’s love at first set for us!

Do you want to date me yet, or should I do ten more squats?

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Hey, here’s a Band-Aid. I thought I’d bring it to you considering you’re RIPPED as f**k.

Are you into kickboxing? Because you look kicking!

Heeeey, what do you say you squat at my place tonight?

Do you like this class?

What’s your favorite workout?

Did you get that thunderstorm alert today? (Flex your biceps) Thunder and Lightning are all over the place.

Do you know the best way to spot someone during their squats? For extra safety, you should lie down underneath them.

How are you handling your macros? Do you need to eat more meat?

You should be in a gym ad! You’re someone who actually makes working out seem like fun.

If I were a boxer, do you know who you’d be? My knock out! Just kidding, you’re already a knockout.

Did you work out more efficiently today than other times? Because I’ve been spotting you quietly since the minute you entered the room.

Are you new to this gym? Well then, let me be the first one to try picking you up.

Are you looking for a push-up buddy? I’d be perfect for the job.

What do you say you and me go on a romantic ride on the stationary bikes?

I heard they’ll start doing security checks at this gym. (Flex your muscles and whisper quietly:) Someone has been bringing in their illegal guns! 

Uh-oh, sweety. I see you have more mass about you than a Catholic church.

I’m really thirsty. Can you help me out? I think you have a six-pack right under your shirt there.

I should report you to security. I don’t think you’re allowed to bring a six-pack to this gym.

I need to work my chest and triceps more, but I’m sick of doing the same old exercises. I heard that the missionary position would be a fun way to do that. Care to test that theory?

I feel a bit out of air. Could that be the time I spent on the treadmill, or is it you taking my breath away?

I’m on a new bodybuilding supplement, it’s called the Flintstones. Ever heard of it? It’s supposed to help me make your Bedrock!

Can you help me out? I think I have a strain from all that lifting. Will you help me stretch out tonight?

What sort of workouts are you into? I know one that burns 700 calories per hour…

I should be doing my reps now, but all I want is to spend time with you. Want to get out of here?

Want to here the best pick up line at the gym? Here it goes: “Are you into bodybuilding supplements? Because I could let you have your whey with me.”

I never imagined I would be into swimming. Then I saw your eyes and I knew I had it in me!

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