55+ Dog Pick Up Lines


If you’re a dog-lover or want to make your move at the dog park, these dog pick up lines below are worth checking out. Some are funny, some are sexy, but they can all make a dog owner crack a smile and open up to you. Good luck!

Hey baby, you smell great! Can you give me a little tail?

Say ruff if you’re in heat.

Just so you know, ever since I first saw you, I have a new leash on life. 

If you were a dog, I’d never keep you on a short leash.

Can I get you a tennis ball?

I must have been a good boy because you’re a real treat!

I’m a puddle on the streets, but a bulldog in the sheets.

Are you checking me out? Because yes, I’m the Alpha dog around here.

How about a nice, juicy liver treat sometime?

Hey baby, do you want to mark my territory?

Oh, wow, you have “best in the show” written all over you.

Do you want to be my cuddle buddy?

Going out with you would be better than a gazillion behind-the-ear scratches.

Honey, you’re a damn gorgeous mother pupper.

So, how often do you pee around these parts?

You make me want to be a more obedient dog.

Are you a tick? Because you’ve certainly stuck to me!

Do you want to know what my favorite position is? Doggie-style!! Haha. Yes, I’m funny. Want to try it sometime?

You redefine the meaning of hot dog!

You make my heart feel like it’s tummy-rubbed.

I must confess, I looked at pick up lines for dog lovers to hit on you. So here goes nothing: “You smell so familiar!”

Want to come to my doghouse tonight?

Roses are grey, violets are grey, everything is grey because I’m a dog.

Has anyone hit on you with dog-related pick up lines? (Wait for the reply.) Can I sniff your butt?

Howl you doin’?

I may not be Red Rover, but can I can over anyway?

I think we could have the perfect leash-free thing if you’d give me a chance. 

Your eyes are amazing! They look exactly as two delicious meatballs.

Hey girl. Do your paws hurt? Because you’ve been running through my head all day.

From the first time we met, I could tell it’s love at first sniff.

Are you a vacuum? Because you’re so beautiful, it’s scary!

Yeah, I’m a dog, of course I enjoy chasing my tail. But tbh, I’d rather chase yours!

Are you my backyard? Because I really dig you.

Hey baby. Wanna take a ride on the red rocket?

I have a huge bone. Want to help me bury it?

Hey there. You’re looking extremely… fetching!

Oh, those eyes of yours! They are as grey as the grey sky!

Wanna go for a ride? Wanna go for a ride? Back to my place.

Are you from NASA? Because I have a red rocket just for you!

Hey there! Are you looking for the alpha dog?

Do you have to go to the bathroom? Because I can take you out.

What are the worst pick up lines when you have a dog? (Wait for the reply.) Here’s mine: “Are you my backyard? Because I’d love to bury my bone in you.”

You. Me. Bacon.

If I were a dog, would you let me follow you home? My parents always taught me to follow my dreams.

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