25+ Engineering Pick Up Lines


Who said that engineering pick up lines are for geeks? Everyone who loves math, civil or electrical engineering doesn’t have to be a geek. Unless, of course, you’re a sucker for love.

The lines below are funny and intellectually challenging. If you and your crush are both into engineering, you have a good place to start your relationship. Start with the Hodge conjecture, drink a few glasses of wine, and see where that takes you!

Pick Up Lines for Engineers

We’d make the perfect couple. Trust me. I’m an engineer!

Do you know Newton’s law of universal gravitation? Well, I’m attracted to you, and we both have masses, ergo you’re also attracted to me, right?

You’re more intriguing to me than the Hodge conjecture.

Hey, want to come over and help me find my mattress’s spring constant?

If you were a math function, I’d like to be your derivative. Want to know why? So I’d lie tangent to you.

Hey, sexy. You be sin2(x), I’ll be cos2(x), and together we’ll be one.

Do you come from a family of engineers? You have the most perfect, accurate design I’ve ever seen.

Oh, that ass of yours is better shaped than any cardioid I’ve ever seen.

Since I first laid eyes on you, my attraction for you is a concave function. Know why? Because it runs constantly upwards.

What do you say we make some kinetic energy with our bodies?

If I’d be high-resistance wire, you must be high amp current. Know why? It’s because of how hot you’re making me feel.

Oh, baby, those parabolas look like something I could get my pen stuck in.

I like you so much, I’ll give you my x = 16 sin3 t; y = 13 cos t – 5 cos (2t) – 2 cos (3t) – cos (4t). Seriously, Google it.

Want to come to my house? I have a microprocessor you could play with.

I’d make a perpetual motion with you anytime.

Watch out; the magnetic field is strong with this lovely lady.

Come to my place and let’s create some static friction.

Do you know what you and a 500 V bus-bar have in common? You can shock everybody with your body. Do you know what the difference between you and a 500 V bus-bar is? I’d actually want you to shock me.

You’re like a lithium battery to my radio. I feel charged when I’m around you.

I’m into civil engineering. You can send all your free body diagrams for me.

Linux is red; Windows is blue. Let me show you what my vector can do.

Hey handsome. You must be Python because you’re driving me crazy.

Are you the ratio of the length of the side of a triangle that is opposite that angle to the length of the longest side of the triangle? Because one look at you makes me sine.

You must be a linear time-invariant system because I know exactly where my impulse signal wants to go.

Oh, oh, oh. You have curves like a sine function.

Solve this equation for me, will you? Y = |sin(x)}|+ 5e-x^100 cos(x); x= -3 to 3.


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