17+ Food Pick Up Lines


These food pick up lines work well for foodies as well as people who’re not passionate about their food. Everybody knows at least something about food, right? So you cannot not resonate with the lines below. We have lines for everyone: for vegans and carnivores, for people who love Mexican and those who love Chinese. Most of these lines are pretty unassuming, so don’t expect something too sexy, okay? We have, however, squeezed in a couple of gentle reminders that food can still be sexy! Read along.

Funny Pick Up Lines About Food

Ha! From the minute I saw you, I knew you were a cute-cumber!

This line is based on a common play upon words, but it’s still endearing and sweet.

Do you want to give me your number, peas?

This pun is not just for vegetable-lovers; it can work for carnivores as well, especially if they have a dad-joke sense of humor!

Are you a banana? You’re very a-pealing!

This line isn’t just a pun; it has subtext! After all, bananas have to take their peals off before you eat them. Ooops, was that too much innuendo? Maybe you can use that too 😉 

Lettuce exchange numbers and ride into the sunset together.

You can use the word “lettuce” in all sorts of phrases, not just for this pick-up line.

Are you Mexican food? Because you’re one of the spiciest babes I’ve ever seen.

No comment. We all know that Mexican food is spicy as hell and makes you cry, but you still come back for more.

Do you want to be my lunch tonight? I like eating out.

Sometimes, you just need to get down to business and state your intentions from the beginning. They might say no, but they also might say yes. And there’s nothing better than a first date eating out.

We go together like peanut butter and jelly!

That’s the favorite snack of millions and the very definition for a perfect pair of love birds!

How are you and Domino’s Pizza the same? I guarantee you’ll both come in less than 30 minutes.

Well, Domino’s have built a trustworthy brand. And they mostly come quickly!

Do you like pears? Because I think we’d make the pear-fect pear!

If they tell you they like pears, go all in! People who love pears are des-pear-ate for them!

Hey, I’m like an pside Down Cake. All I need is U!

Aww, isn’t that cute! Maybe you’ll bake many, many cakes together, right?

Are you Sriracha sauce? Because you’re making my heart burn!

Yes, a spicy sauce can do that for you. And also love!

I had some Alphabet soup today, but I think there was something wrong with it. I’m missing U!

What a declaration! Makes your heart melt and reminds you of childhood, all in a few sentences!

I love Italian food! Because you’re nothing but a pizza, my heart!

Hey, that’s a good line. Who doesn’t love pizza? And maybe you can start talking about other Italian dishes. 

Are you a Chinese food fairy? Because every time I see you, my legs become like noodles!

This line is really cute. It shows how much you’re into someone and how nervous you become around them.

You’re shrimply the most gorgeous guy/ lady I’ve seen all night!! I like you a latte!

Heh, that’s a good way to get two completely different foods in there. One must certainly hook them.

I feel like a fish when I’m around you. Know why? Because I’m hooked!

Maybe don’t try this on a vegan. But otherwise, you’re good to go!

Want to hear a cheesy pick-up line? Okay: I think you’re grate!

That’s a declaration that can make anyone chuckle. It’s cute, it’s simple, not too much in your face; it could definitely get something started!

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